Dorothy Penelope And The Suitor Essay

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Greek Mythology can be considered an influential source for many poets and authors of today 's age. Many have stories that teach valuable life lessons or just to tell you not to do something. To give an example, the story of Penelope and the suitors show you must always keep hope and withstand all distractions to keep you from what you love. In the story of Penelope and the suitors, Penelope is patiently waiting on Odysseus to return from the Trojan War, even though people are lining up outside her house asking for her hand in marriage, so they could become king of Ithaca. Both Dorothy Parker and John william Waterhouse take this story and shows how it relates to the world today. Both Dorothy Parker and John William Waterhouse use this to show that even though some distractions in life, never let it set you back from keeping hope…show more content…
In the painting Penelope and the Suitors, John William Waterhouse uses the visual effect of Penelope ignoring the suitors to show she is irritated by the suitors and chooses to ignore them instead of embracing them as she is still waiting for Odysseus, while in her poem “Penelope”, Dorothy Parker uses the same scene to show Penelope is waiting on Odysseus and she would rather do everyday things than marry the suitors. The author Dorothy Parker was born on August 22, 1893 in West End, New Jersey as stated by an unknown author on Mrs. Parker had a hard childhood, as she had dropped out of school at 14, she never received her high school diploma, but gained her knowledge through voracious reading as stated Rathbone and Pettit. When she reached age 20, she played piano at a local dance school, then she became a freelance journalist at Vogue and Vanity Fair before becoming a book reviewer for The New Yorker as stated all by Pettit, Unknown and
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