Penelope And The Suitors In The Odyssey

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Everyone has been angry at someone at some point of time. Being mean doesn't show any respect of yourself or your parents. Why do we(people) be mean? Penelope's suitors was killed because they destroyed Odysseus's house, twisted his maids, and tried to marry his wife. The suitors destroyed Odysseus house when he was trying to find his way back home. Penelope's suitors had the right to be put to death. Odysseus wanted his house to look the way as it was when he came back. They mistreated his home like old garbage. They broke the love for each other in the house. The suitors lead the maids to disobey Penelope. The suitors were being very rude to trash Odysseus's house. The maids thought that they could disobey Penelope because she was weak. The suitors invaded Penelope's space. They let Odysseus's dog die. The suitors told Odysseus's wife to marry one of them.…show more content…
She didn't know if he was dead or alive because he had been gone for so many years. She felt lonely; she felt like her world had ended. Without Odysseus she wasn't nothing. Odysseus shouldn't have killed the suitors because it was very dirty. Odysseus could have talked to them. He could have put them in a jail. Odysseus didn't want to that because the suitors were very disobedient to his wife and his
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