Penelope Barke Persuasive Speech

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Today was THE DAY. Not just any day, but Penelope Paige’s favorite day in all of the month of June. Today was the day that the local Dragonfly Days Festival started, and boy, oh boy, was she excited! She woke up straight out of bed, slipped right out of her pajamas, and into her favorite festival day outfit. Penelope combed through her wavy blonde hair, srubba-dub-dubbed her teeth, and scrambled down the stairs down to the den after fixing up her bed. Down the stairs, Momma was singing a little tune, and packing a purse full of pretzels, peanuts, and pouches of juice to take to the festival. Penelope Paige sat eagerly at the table, eating a granola bar for a healthy breakfast. As soon as Momma finished packing, Penelope ran to the car, buckled

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