Penelope In Abigail Foerstner's The Odyssey

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Have you wondered why there are a lot of single mothers in the big city called Chicago? The reason can be due to crime or irresponsibility. In the article, “Happy Father’s Day, Mom,” by Abigail Foerstner, it relates to Penelope in the book, “The Odyssey,”and how she is a single mother raising her son, Telemachus, and how she faced a lot of challenges that she managed to survive them. Penelope faces lots of challenges raising her son, Telemachus, while she was a single mother. Raising a child without his father is tough due to the fact that sometimes, mom’s do not know how to give the child the best advice like how their father gives advice to their son. “If he gets in a fight in school, I don’t know what I’m supposed to tell him to do. Should…show more content…
Penelope can be described as a good mom because she protects her son from lots of dangers from the world. “Being a single parent and working full-time, it’s hard to find time to do anything other than just take care of the necessities of life.”(Foerstner, 2). This quote relates to my topic sentence because Penelope is doing the best she can do to take good care of Telemachus. It relates to the real world because since being a single parent is hard work, you need to work full-time in order to provide food, water, and a house. It relates to the book, “The Odyssey,” because Penelope was protecting her son, Telemachus from battling for the throne. Single moms can be good with taking care of their kids by providing clothes for them like how Penelope provided clothes for her son, Telemachus. Penelope can also be described as a good mom because she tries to find a way to give the, “Father,” figure back to his family. “Parenting is not for one person.”(Foerstner, 3). This quote is a really small quote but impacts my topic sentence a lot. One of the reasons are because that quote is true, every single mom in this world as well as Penelope, have trouble taking care of their kid especially their son because their dad is not there for them most of the time and son’s usually take advice from their dad. Which means that their mom would basically be a mom and a, “dad.” This quote relates to the book, “The Odyssey,” because Penelope was a single mom and had to take extra care for Telemachus due to the fact he doesn’t see his dad as much as his mom. In conclusion, Penelope is a good mother and good at taking care of him because she is trying to act like Telemachus’ second
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