Character Analysis: Penelope Saves The World From The Darkness

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Penelope Saves the World from the Darkness In a light less, creepy night in October 17th, a girl named Penelope Sellers was born in Chicago. Penelope´s family received her with joy. Her aunt gave her powers, thinking that some day in the future Penelope could become a villain as she was; her aunt had been one of the cruellest villain that the world had ever seen. With the pass of the years Penelope grew up healthy and strong, during her childhood, which was full of love and happiness. However, strange effects happened during her daily life; she discovered that she could help to save life, so she began saving kids with incurable diseases. Time after, when Penelope turned 15 years old, the strangest situation happened to her; she was in…show more content…
She became to be interested in different things like to be famous and leave the career of super hero away. The corruptions again expanded to all the cities even in the cities that were peaceful; Penelope could react fast, but the next time it may be late, she used her super speed to capture and stop the cruel people. It wasn’t easy this time, because she was not training too much, so her powers lose strength and she was becoming weaker. Again she began training and being prepared to what ever it comes until now. She was waiting, when her symbol of her suit began to light up, immediately she ran to the place and atomic bombs began to be exploited. However, Penelope only could save a few amount of people, because the other people died. Everybody began to shout:” Penelope is our best super hero” ”And it shows that girls also can do it” The world was very glad with Penelope. She new that the next time she had to save everybody. She takes a vacation in London (obviously taking care of earth). She relax and enjoy the paradise, she visit the most famous places, free!!!, she loves the beach and the hotel too. Penelope was walking by the beach (it was noon) when the sunlight got DIMMER, she realized that it wasn’t real; to be sure, she take a bit of water and she wet her face. However, the sunlight was dimmer, she realized that something was
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