Flucloxacillin Research Paper

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- It is a member of the penicillin family that is used as an antibiotic for the staphylococcal infection (bacterial infection) that affects the human tissues of the skin and the lungs (pneumonia). It is also used in the treatment of food (rotten food) and poisoning of theblood. Staphylococcus may also be a risk to the human life if it releases its toxins by some strains of the bacteria to cause toxic shock.

- Flucloxacillin is prescribed mainly in Australia & Europe, as it is very effective against the staphylococcus bacteria by inhibiting the synthesis of its cell wall then it will die.

- Flucloxacillin is a ß-lactam antibiotic with a narrow spectrum.

- Unlike the other penicillins, Flucloxacillin has an acitivity against
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 Possible modifications sites are in a square in the structure.

The modification of the structure to produce Flucloxacillin is:
Flucloxacillin has a bulky and electron-withdrawing heterocyclic acylamino side chain which is responsible for narrow-spectrum, β-lactamase-resistant penicillin, acid-resistant characters of the Flucloxacillin.

Synthesis of Flucloxacillin:
Overview about synthesis:
1- Firstly 3-(2—chloro,6-fluorobenzene)-5-methyl isoxazole-4-formic acid (raw material) reacts with Phosphorus oxychloride by using a Catalysis of organic amine to generate acyl chloride
2- After that dissolve 6-APA (6-aminopenicillanic acid) and inorganic alkaline in H2O.
3- Then add drops of an acyl chloride solution which was obtained from the first step.
4- Add HCl acid (acidizing agent) after completing the reaction.
5- layering; concentrating under a lower pressure, add residues into an alcohols solvent for dissolution, add drops of H2O to separate out flucloxacillin crystals
6- Then dissolve Flucloxacillin acid in an organic solvent.
7- Drip Na iso-octoate solution for reaction to produce a product, namely flucloxacillin sodium monohydrate.

Step 1:

Step 2:

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