Life Cycle Of Penis Essay

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Understanding the Life Cycle of a Penis
Time affects everything, including a man’s penis. The change encompasses every aspect of it, including its form, size, and function. It is not unknown that a man’s sexual capacity deteriorates as he grows older. With the testosterone level plummeting, instant sex drive becomes a thing in the past. It becomes difficult to become sexually aroused, and once turned on it also takes him time to obtain an erection and to reach his climax. Basically, performing in bed becomes significantly tough with age.
Aging constitutes to lower semen volume, sperm quality and erectile dysfunction. According to various studies, the percentage of potent men drops from 60 percent to around 30 percent between the ages of 40
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This is the consequence of destabilized bladder muscles and, in multiple scenarios, prostate enlargement.
Apart from weakened sexual functions and performance and declining urinary system, latest studies verify what men have long suspected and even feared, that penis itself experiences prominent changes as a man moves bids goodbye to his sexual prime (which is around 30s for many), to say hello to the middle age and on to older. These notable changes include the following:
How it looks
Basically, the penis’ appearance will change in two major ways. First, the head of the penis or the glans will slowly lose its purplish color as a consequence to decreased blood flow. Second, there will be a gradual diminishing of pubic hair as a result of the testosterone level being significantly lower.
How it measures
In aging, putting on weight is not uncommon. So, as fat builds up on the lower abdomen, the actual size of the penis alters. Experts explain that a huge pre-pubic fat makes the penile shaft appear shorter. In this case, overweight and obese men are being motivated to lose weight because achieving so will make them seem to have gained a 1-inch increase in their penis’

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