Penny From Heaven Essay

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Penny from heaven is a girl named penny who lost her father when she was born and lives with her mom,uncle,and aunt.Penny has two sides of the family,her dad’s side,and her mom’s side.Penny did not know much about her dad because she never saw him when she was born,Penny didn’t know much about her dad’s side because she never met them.She know’s her mom’s side because she eats with them every night.Penny get’s told everyday that she look’s like her father,that’s how people remember her as,her dad’s look’s.

The time period of this book is modern time because of their technology and clothes they wear.The location of the book is mainly at her house and her grandparents house because that’s where she is all throughout the whole story.Penny mainly plays with her cousin Frankie,frankie is 11 years old the same age as penny.They often go to the park and play or they ride bikes all day around their neighborhood.They do everything together like,ride bikes,go to the park and they live next to each other.

Penny is small,beautiful,she has looks from her father she’s funny,makes you want to be around her,and makes you feel comfortable.Uncle Dominic is tall very intelligent,smart,funny,has jokes he likes to tell,gives people gifts,and he’s a hermit.Penny’s mom is a hard worker,she is caring,loving,very nice,she works hard
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