Penny Vs. Penelope In Homer's Odyssey

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Penny v. Penelope Considering the fact that Penny and Penelope are from two different Films, They are somewhat alike. In these two films, Penny and penelope did differ in loyalty, parenthood, faith, and the fathers coming back home. Penelope and Penny have some of the same similarities which go along with the husbands in the two films. Penelope is married to a adventurous man and Penny was married to one. It’s pretty insane how no matter how loyal you are to a person, you never know what their thoughts might be and if they keep up their faith through good and hard times. Penny and penelope are two of the women who were once and still married to Everett and Odysseus. These two men were not heard from for a very long time and one of these women were able to stay down for their husband. This women was penelope. In Odyssey, Penelope was willing to wait for Odysseus so she…show more content…
Everett escaped jail even though he only had two weeks left, just to see his children. Penny was not excited to see him at all. So once he approached her she tried her best to make his seem unwanted. In O’Brother, Penny did not want Everett to come back home and when he did she was unhappy and ashamed because she got engaged again. Meanwhile In Odyssey, Penelope was hope and knew that Odysseus was coming home and when he did she was excited he was there. Penelope and Penny are attached to these two men, Odysseus and Everett. Even though they are more different than alike, they still play a big part in their husbands lives. Throughout the whole movie Penelope changes once she sees how life could be without her husband Odysseus. Even Though Penny does not really change in the movie she still finds love in her heart to take Everett back and tell her daughters and everyone else the truth. Both of these women learn to love, forgive, and be strong enough to be the best wife, mother, and role model to anyone they
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