Penny Wong Case Study

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Personal factors impacting leadership Education Personal factors can impact leadership roles within different groups. Education is important for both self-leadership and group efficiency. A leader who has been educated in a certain field, such as law and politics or teaching skills etc can increase group members performance because the leader has knowledge of past experiences and can therefore relate to other group members who share the same view. Being educated can enhance group efficiency and influence members by their current knowledge about a certain topic, that other members within the group may not have. Education has provided valuable knowledge and has influenced Penny Wong to becomes successful in her political career. Penny’s scholarship at Scotch College and her Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law degrees have contributed to her success when she graduated from the University of Adelaide. Her high achievements in education…show more content…
It can impact social factors, group cohesion and self-leadership skills. In Penny Wong’s case, society 's gender expectations may discourage her from a political career because she is female. This is due to the profession being strongly dominated by males. Members in society may also discriminate Penny, for being female and for her sexuality as a Lesbian. The older generation of the public, especially older men, may despise her because they are chauvinistic and do not think women should have power. For example, the older generations may be narrow minded and think less of the opposite sex. This may be because in their youth, men would be expected to make important decisions, such as voting and take charge in situations needing leadership or guidance i.e sole bread winner. This could have a negative impact due to some members of society not supporting her
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