Penny's Character In Masqueradet

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Secretariat is more than a movie based on a spectacular horse; it is the true life depiction of a woman’s unyielding spirit, a spirit that believed in something other than herself, so adamantly, that she defied the urgings of her loved ones, to risk everything to save her family’s farm. Although, Penny and Hollis Chenery lost their father, it was she who inherited his stubborn adoration and faith in their equestrian’s ability to produce a winner. Penny’s love for her father and undeniable belief shone in everything she did, including, but not limited to, terminating the employment of an unethical horse trainer. As a result, Secretariat became a part of history, winning the Belmont Stakes by an amazing (and unheard of) 31 lengths and securing his and the Chenery family’s place in history.
To illustrate Penny’s character, one can first take into consideration the initial, and last interaction with her and Mr. Jensen. She displayed the curious, yet courteous interest into the transactions and handling of her family’s horses, which was met with an attitude of flippant indifference. The pride and moral fiber of Penny’s being dictated that she remind Mr. Jensen of who was in charge and ultimately terminate his employment for his lack of respect for her station, and his fraudulent dealings.
Similarly, throughout the turmoil that
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His sole interest in the family farm was not one of genuine concern for the animals, but one of monetary gain. His character was manipulative, and when he could not use the art of persuasion to achieve his goal, he resorted to the enlistment of Penny’s husband to bend her will. Unfortunately, his scheming behavior worked against him, it only hardened his sister’s will. It was not until the tide began to turn that Hollis realized that he had a champion on his hands completely capable of getting the family farm out of debt and effectively off the auction
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