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More often than not, Malaysians tend to confuse between two similar-sounding electrical appliance brands, namely Panasonic and Pensonic. Both belong to the same industry but differ in its ownership, origin and entity. To distinguish between the two brands, Pensonic is an electrical houseware organization that was founded in Penang in 1965. It was previously known as Keat Radio and Electrical Co. founded by Datuk Seri Chew Weng Khak. The former name of Pensonic has a nostalgic meaning denoting the sound of Penang. Pensonic’s main businesses include manufacturing, importing, exporting, distribution, and marketing of electrical appliances to the local market and also the international market . Expansion Pensonic is one of the leading house…show more content…
Similar to other giant corporations, Pensonic was faced with the global economic crisis that drives down the demand of electronic products. As a result, Pensonic decided to reduce its operation and focus on improving its efficiency. On top of that, it also decided to shut down its sub-brand, Princess Home Appliance, by the end of 2001. Such action was inevitable as the sub-brand no longer generated profits, and it was a tough decision to be made. During a crisis of such magnitude, an organization should adapt to changes and react quickly to avoid more losses. Such decision is evidently strategic for long-term…show more content…
The company adapted to changes in technology and environment efficiently, which resulted in increased efficiency and strategic planning in a long run. Despite the award-winning products they were known for, clients’ satisfaction is not an easy guarantee. Several products from Pensonic, such as its oven and television,, were deemed to be a failure by the customers . Pensonic should establish and pay more attention to its a customer service and after-sale to handle such situation, whereas its products need to be improvised in the future. The voices of the customers are pivotal to be heard as it can be representative of the whole consumers and demand in Malaysia. Rigourous efforts should be pursued seriously in order to remain relevant in the industry. In this globalization era, Pensonic should compete healthily with other corporations within the country and from other countries. On top of that, Pensonic should also send its employees for overseas training to bring in transfer in technology for further improvisation in quality and enhanced manufacturing capacity This is because quality and cost are two inseparable elements in business. In this respect, customers’ satisfaction is essentially achieved by low-priced products with uncompromised

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