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I was born December 9th 1999. I grew up in a good sized city called Oregon. My dad always wanted to live out in the country, so we moved when I was in the 6th grade. I now live in a small town called Pemberville. I live there with a younger sister, an older brother, and my parents. I play football and baseball through my home school, Eastwood High School. I attend Penta Career Center, I’m currently in Construction Electricity.
Penta Career Center is the school I’m attending through Eastwood High School. At Penta I’m taking Construction Electricity. I was introduced to Penta by Eastwood’s field trips to explore here. We had to pick three different labs to explore and Construction Electricity was my first option because I had friends sign up
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It was crazy for me to think that I just started my sophomore year and I applied to a different school for my junior year. The spring of my sophomore year I received an email from Penta Career Center saying I was accepted into Construction Electricity Program. I was so excited and nervous at the same time. When my junior year started everything was new to me; the school, people, and Electricity. The school is huge so I was overwhelmed. Luckily I made friends fast and at lunch I get to see some friends from Eastwood in different labs.
I knew nothing about Electricity. In lab I would do labs, that had me wire outlets, switches, and lights then I would get to test them. I knew what to do with my hands but not the science behind it. Then everything snapped the classroom block helped me understand what I was doing. After doing that for a couple months the juniors got the chance to go to the job site to wire a house. We recently just finished the house and now it is ready for
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I want to go to college for, most importantly, electrical. If I can fit sports in too, I would gladly do that. I’ve got some colleges looking at me to play baseball such as Indiana Tech and Ohio University. I would like to go to owens because they have an electrical program and it is the closest to where I live. These are some of the things I will be taught at Owens, “Students are instructed in diagnostics, troubleshooting, repair, and circuit construction.The program also provides theory and hands- on instruction in several interdisciplinary areas such as programmable logic controls, and digital electronics.”(Owens Community
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