Pentacle: A Talisman Or A Magical Object

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According to Oxford Dictionaries, pentacle is a talisman or a magical object, in a shape of a disc and usually inscribed with a pentagram. The origins of this word date back to 16th century, when Latin word pentaculum was used. It is based on greek word penta, which means five. Pentacle is usually made from parchment, paper or metal, although other materials can also be used. Sometimes it is used as synonimus for pentagram, although within Wicca and Neopagan traditions there is a specific differentiation between them. Pentacle reffers to a pentagram circumscribed by a circle. This form of pentacle is formed upon a disc. Pentacle represents the Earth in occult usage. A French word pentacle is not necessarilly synonimus to pentagram – it can mean any talisman, eventhough in other shapes. The root »pend« in italian and french language means to hang, therefore the word pentacle is also equivalent to a pendant or charm hung around the neck. Most of the pentacles are pentagrams, therefore the word has been connected to the greek word penta (five).…show more content…
If the symbol was star shaped, it was more often hexagram then pentagram. The Pentacle is the symbol of Witchcraft. The image of pentagram is over 8000 years old, but it is still aplicable in the modern world. The pentagram tells us that we have the ability to bring Spirit to Earth; and this ability is what makes us
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