People Are Better Than Big Disasters

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Everyday, we face various things by just stepping out from our houses. Without even being conscious about our surroundings, we are exposed to different hazardous things that might harm us. What people are more aware of are things that the media are showing. News articles/programs always show disasters such as floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, typhoons and hurricanes which make people feel fear for whatever would possibly happen in the future. With such informations, local government units are trying their best to tell people to be ready for such disasters. Preparing beforehand, people are able to save some, if not most, of their properties. Different programs are also founded to help victims of disasters. People are more aware of ‘big disasters’ than small ones that may be just at the corner of their houses or backyards. Small things that…show more content…
He lives in London so the examples that he gave were based on what he was seeing in everyday basis. He mentioned how people are subjected to hazards by crossing busy roads, running for trains, texting while walking and even by being distracted. These are small things if compared to big ‘disasters’ but these things happen to many people (even not in London). Although seen as small and are often taken for granted, many people hurt themselves or even die because of neglecting such small things. Another practical example of an everyday hazard is slipping in the shower. Hister (2013) stated that slipping in the shower “can result not only in broken bones, such as fractures to the wrist (which often lead to lifelong chronic pain and reduced wrist mobility) and to the hip (which raise the risk of dying prematurely for up to 10 years after the fracture), but can also result in brain injury” (n.d.). Not only can it lead to brain-dead but it can also lead to instant death if the head hits the floor

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