People Are Not Really Good At Heart Analysis

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People are not truly good at heart “In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.” These words were spoken by Anne frank. She wrote these words in her diary in the attic of her father’s business. She was hiding from the Nazi’s, and hid among several other people in a confined area. Anne thought that everyone was truly good-hearted. She sadly died in a concentration camp about a year later.The truth is people are not good at heart. people are selfish, they are in charge of their actions so they know if something is wrong or right, and there is too many bad in the world to outweigh the good ones. Nonetheless not everyone is really great at heart. people are selfish for instance in the play of Anne frank the following quote is mentioned “The bread! He was stealing the bread!” Mr.Van daan steals the bread and it shows that he wants the food for himself and that he doesn’t care about his family, he cares about himself and his needs. This is a prime example of…show more content…
As I have reminded Mrs. Van Daan, it’s very selfish of her to keep it when people outside are in such desperate need of clothing… so If you will please sell it for us? It should fetch a good price. And by the way, will you get me some cigarettes. I don’t care what kind they are… get all you can”Mr. Van Daan decides to sell his wife's coat. The coat was her father and was priceless to her, but because Mr. Van daan was so selfish he gave it to meip to sell so she could buy him cigarettes. He bought the cigarettes because he was afraid of losing them. He was probably addicted to them so he cared about them. When they were taken away from him he became worrisome. He felt that if he didn’t sell something fast that he might never see his precious cigarettes again. He was being tremendously self-absorbed, and as a result he sold one of his wife’s most precious
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