People Defining Success: The True Definition Of Success

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Success is many things. It’s can be an achievement, or an accomplishment. It causes happiness and contentment and cheerfulness. Although success causes these things, many people don’t understand the true meaning of success. Success is not simple or frequent, but it’s the effort that one attempts to achieve it that counts. Michelle Obama once said, "Success isn’t about how much money you make, it 's about the difference you make in people 's lives." While playing different sports, some people think of success as playing to the best of their abilities, whereas other athletes acknowledge winning as success and they set the bar too high for themselves and end up failing. Having success causes excitement and pride and in the world we live in today, and everyone wants to be successful. But really success should be defined as great achievement by always doing things to their most capable point. What people need to do is put everything they have into their actions and there is definitely going to be triumph for that effort. Even if most people define winning as success, the real motivation that you set your heart to is the best success that anyone can ever achieve. Individuals take societies definition of success from the media as the only way to accomplishment, and it is then implanted into their own lives. Often people are too hard on themselves and only see the negatives of what they have done. In an article called How 9 Incredibly Successful People Define Success, John

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