People In Metro Manila Is Overcoming Uninhabitable In The Philippines

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As Mercurio (2016), cited Josh Forbes, senior advisor of the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines who stated that “At the rate the traffic situation is getting worse, Metro Manila may become “uninhabitable” within four years.” The claim made by Mr. Forbes is something that is hard to oppose. As Filipinos can see traffic in Metro Manila worsens everyday. From numerous cases of death and unexpected childbirths on the middle of the road it is hard to argue that people in Metro Manila would still want to live in the area. The senior adviser also added “Metro Manila is at risk of becoming uninhabitable as annual new car growth increases to 500,000 by 2020,” Forbes said.
“While roads are being improved throughout the country, the National Capital Region urgently needs more limited access roads, especially skyways, and rail.” As mentioned earlier it is inevitable that the number of cars will get higher and higher every year. This is a huge problem that the government will face, even with the policies and laws pertaining to number coding, fortunate people would still be able to buy new cars for their everyday use. Gonzales (2015), cited a research conducted that “77 percent of cars were bought as alternative vehicles during coding days; 45 percent of car owners had more than one car; 76 percent of those who owned a single car intended to buy a new one; and 33 percent of car owners used an alternative vehicle on coding day.” Solving this problem might be a long

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