People In The Hallway Research Paper

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Hallway Rant People in the hallways need to stop being annoying. People just need to take a chill pill and walk to class. I guarantee people with be late a whole lot less because they aren’t stopped by roadblocks and other delays. Trust me. To start off, most people walk at a maximum speed of -0.00000002 miles per hour. You have legs people… use them. There’s this thing called picking up your legs and moving them one foot after another in an orderly, quick fashion. You learned when you were three years old, so you should be a pro by now. Your one and only mission in a hallway is getting to class. Obviously, some people think it 's totally ok to stand in doorways and chit chat about their fabulous lives when really you just need to focus on getting to class because guess what, you’re in school. Honestly, I really don’t understand some kid’s logic of getting to class because half the time they come bulldozing down the center. All I want to say to some people is “Can you not??” Although some people love after-school detention, I for one, do not. Second, people just crowd up in groups and pretend that they are cool. You are in a hallway may I remind you. Hallways are for walking in, not standing in a group huddle. This isn’t football…show more content…
Water bottle flipping at this point should just become an Olympic sport. Water bottle flipping isn’t annoying in general, but in public places it 's a pet peeve for sure. All you hear in hallways anymore is the endless echo of someone going “OOOOOOHHHH” after they land one upright. Half the time, it 's not even as cool as everyone thinks it is because most people don’t even land them. Hallways don’t need to be the hangout for all flipped water bottles. Suggestion: don’t stand underneath any high place in a school hallway because inconsiderate people will flip a waterbottle and miss, causing it to fall and hit you in the face. (not
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