People In The Sun Poem Analysis

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Ever run a race with no finish line? The American Dream is the never ending pursuit to better one's life and circumstances in an effort to reach an ever changing goal of happiness. Hoppers use of lines color and emphasis shows us his thoughts on the American Dream. In many of Hopper's works he uses sunlight to portray the chase for the American dream. Hopper does not draw the sunrise or the sunset but rather the human subject in reaction to it. In his works the characters are staring into the sun as if they need more but the thought of night dwindles in the background as these characters have been drawn by a man who knew what afternoon and evening would bring and that expectations too great are bound to result in disappointment. Through his…show more content…
Hoppers use of horizontal lines, color and emphasis is used to represent ones greed in chasing the American dream. Hoppers uses horizontal lines to create a background that the people seem to take no notice of which is strategically familiar but of no particular place. Around them is anything from the Great Planes to the mountains of California and the oceans beyond. But rather than take notice, they continue to stare into the harsh rays of the sun. Based on their clothing they do not feel warm, none of them have taken off a jacket or sweater. Hoppers use of warm colors such as the yellow sunlight contrasted against the cool ones such as the blue skies and water with the distant grey mountains creates the effect that they could be cold even with all this warmth around them they do not have enough of the sunlight. Hopper uses the portrayal of the sunlight to represent the chase for the American dream. Although the intensity of sunlight on their bodies is great they seem to not have enough of. This represents the chase for the American dream and the greed that kicks in when people get a taste of it. Hopper uses emphasis to show that although they seem to occupy the same scene some seem to be living in separate worlds. The lone man in the background who may be a representation of Hopper himself who seems to be completely oblivious to his surroundings this may reflect Hopper's discomfort in the West, where he found himself unable to paint with his usual enthusiasm when confronted by the harsh light and monumental
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