People Like Us David Brooks Analysis

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Do we only care about diversity in America when we’re amongst people of different races? In David Brooks, “People Like Us,” he explores this taboo topic, originally published in the issue of the Atlantic Monthly, 2003. In the first few sentences of the essay he states that perhaps there is somewhere in the United States that there is a really an area where people are diverse (62). But then again he has not ever been made aware of such an area. As Americans we should examine our communities, cities, and close nit circles, in doing so we can create a clearer depiction of what makes us more at ease with persons that we associate with. During his essay, Brooks shares an array of examples that show diversity isn’t as common as one would think.…show more content…
He establishes this by showing how humans are skilled of drawing social differences and also influencing their existence amongst them by illustrating how in D.C Maryland and Virginia (DMV), one political party only lives in suburban Maryland and the other political party only lives in Virginia. As Brooks has demonstrated in his essay, one can infer people like being around people they have commonality with such as social economic statues, and suburban association.
For that reason, areas that were formerly intended to be diverse are now consciously divided with families preferring to live near people like them. He goes on to discuss why individuals are every so often attached to industrial units, and they can explore places to live on the origin of cultural attraction. After they find an area in which individuals share common values they flock to that area and support the uniqueness about the area (63). Individuals do this because they are happy and this often leads towards not being
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