People Like Us David Brooks Summary

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Is Melting Pot of Diversity Real? The myth of the melting pot of diverse people in the US seems to sound easy and fancy, however, the truth is that people here only gather some particular areas. In the article “People Like Us” by David Brooks, the author says that although the United Stated is the diverse country, Americans do not seem to care about diversity. This is because they do not embrace diversity and would not associate with people who are unlike them. Mr. Brook mentions that the white people, Africa-Americans and other people of various races live separately in their areas based on their income levels and interests. As Mr. Brook’s statement, I believe that there are much talks about the issue of diversity in America, however, diversity has not been taken seriously because Americans…show more content…
The elite universities regularly talk about the diversity, but they are the schools that do not practice it as seen in the way that they set the values of diversity. Many of students in the US schools tend to choose their friends based on if they have something in common with them. This is because America students will feel uncomfortable with people who have opposite ideas. This makes America students cannot communicate to each other. For example, when I was in high school, there were more than ninety percent of students are whites. There were just few African-Americans and Mexicans and I could barely find Asians. The lack of diversity in my high school could be seen clearly in lunch time. Students grouped themselves in each table such as all blacks in one table, all Mexicans in one table, even whites grouped themselves based on interests or sport teams. Moreover, until now, I am in college, and my classes are full of diverse students, but I still tend to talk and hangout with Asians rather than other races. The viewpoint of diversity is hard to be melted for all
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