People Like Us Movie Analysis

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I had an opportunity to watch a movie “People like us” in my class last week. This movie has great impact, which reflects the images of different types of society. It focuses side by side on different social classes by describing their economical social status in society. In our society, most of we Americans do not think about how education, income, aspirations, family backgrounds, and the appearances distinguish someone as an individual of a certain class of society? A particular class is very difficult to mark than race or ethnicity difference. In many ways, it determines about which type of financial and educational opportunities an individual could have in their life. In this society, people like us pays attention to determine that how…show more content…
After watching the video “people like us”, I believe that class is made by large number of people with similar economic status or position. On the other hand, you can find people who try to fit in upper social class i.e. “Tammy’s Story”. Tammy lives with her four children’s in a trailer. She works as janitor in a local burger shop. Her job helps her pay the bills. Moreover, Tammy’s son Matt , who is sixteen years old, dreams to improve his social economic status, therefore, he dress like high social class. Matt also made the comment in the movie that he is embarrassed by her mother because she always wears the same burger king uniform everyday and she never like to dress-up. I really did not like Matt approach towards his mom. How someone be embarrassed by her mom, who gave him birth, raised him and try to survive by doing her best. It really broke my heart that Matt is not giving too much respect to his mom. According to the movie, Tammy stated that she is invisible for the neighbors and they think that I do not do much for them. I also did not like the fact that Matt does work to support the family. If Matt wants better life then he should start
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