People Resourcing Analysis

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Introduction: High street retailer is a company who hired 3000 employees out which 2500 employees work in stores and 500 employees work in head office. Morale of employees is very low especially in head office employees further more we can see the communication level is very low in the organization. High street retailer practice autocratic leadership style where all decision are made by the managing director whose main focus on the success of retail side. In autocratic leadership style the main objective of leaders is to provide clear vision and direction. The success of such kind leadership is depending on the efficiency and effectiveness of leader (Mullins, 2010). In this report we can discuss the different human resource problems faced…show more content…
It also manage the performance of employees (Pilbeam and Corbridge, 2010, p2). Different methods and approaches are used by the management in people resourcing so that they can achieve the organizational goals (Taylor, 2008). People resourcing provide solution of different problems of organization such as how to attract competent candidates, how to reduce organization turnover and how organization can improve the performance of employees so that they can improve their production (Andrew and Martin, 2012). People resourcing issues and its impact on company’s performance:- Following are the three current people resourcing issues that I am going to discuss in this case: 1. Reward or incentive system. 2. Training and development. 3. Performance appraisal. Reward or incentive…show more content…
Because if you succeed to attract talent through recruitment but maybe you are unable to retain that talent within your organization then your whole recruitment process will be in vain. On other hand if you organized a training program for employees and you spend lot of money on your training program and in spite of talent management process you failed to attract good talent that’s mean you need to review your talent management process in order to make it effective and efficient. How organization manage talent:- The human resource management is performing many function in the organization but core functions of human resource management is to make workforce plan, manage the performance of employees and prepare proper compensation plan. If these functions work together and coordinate with each other, then organization can successfully manage the talent within the organization. A successful talent management process has positive impact on the organization. Workforce planning as the function of human resource management makes organization proactive by evaluating the strategy of organization to determine the quantity talent need in future. Performance Management provides information about existing talent within the

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