People Should Donate Toys

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People Should Donate Toys/Food/Clothes to People who Need It By. Emily M . Organ Do you wonder who is really in need? Will I do, this is my opinion and this is what I believe. I STRONGLY believe that people should donate toys, food, and clothes to people who really need it. There are people out in this world who needs toys,foods, or clothes. There are 100 million kids who sit out there waiting to be feed waiting to have clean clothes, waiting to play with toys. I 'm going to talk about three reasons why people should donate toys, food, and clothes are all because There is 100 million kids in need. Also, People wait to eat to eat, get clean clothes, and to play. Lastly, They need it. This is all i 'm going to…show more content…
People barely eat, barely play, and barely get clean clothes because they need help. When we all eat there is people out there is no food for them. In order to eat for them, they need money or people give them the food. However, kids that wait to eat, they weight about 50 pounds or 70 - 50, and that is sad. For instance, if you don 't eat you could get really sick and die cause if you don 't eat in 7 or more than you would starve to death because you will be hungry for b7 or more days. If you go find your own food in nature eat an animal, then you won 't die, but if you wait to eat than you could die…… that 's why I think that you should donate food/ clothes/ and toys . To begin, people don 't have clothes, not at all , will the have nice fitted clothes. I always see people with no clothes that don’t fit them that well. People never have that much clothes, sometimes they don’t even have clothes. Especially, people that have none and homeless people but they 're like the same but a bit different. Lastly, people don 't even have no toys a lot of kids don 't play with toys, so they won 't know that much about the toys they get if they get

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