People Should Not Be Allowed To Vote

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Who gets to decide whether a person gets to vote or not? The laws in America seem to be limiting the ability to vote for their future president. When you think “voting” in the United States, you think about being a citizen. To vote you must be a citizen but another big factor is you cannot vote if you are a convicted felon. A convicted felon is prohibited from voting in the states excluding two other states. Is this seen as wiping away human rights? The different point of views can make one’s view on the situation switch immediately. In this country there seems to be certain types of people controlling who gets to do what even though our Bill of Rights clearly states our certain rights. How does a full population of people that builds the United States to where it is standing now get their rights controlled by a system that barely knows the population itself? When this is what the world has come to, you must defend the ones you love and make sure none of their opportunities are taken away. One must…show more content…
Sometimes life can come in and put you into a situation you never chose to be in which can ruin a lot of things for you. As people we should be more open minded and caring instead of shutting these people out. A man who is passionate about his country should not have his voting rights completely stripped because he made one mistake in his life. The whole population should not overlook this issue because it can happen to anyone and before we decide to care, it may be too late. Even when told to follow orders in a certain way, it seems to get more strict as we go. We should allow all types of people to be able to represent our country and not just the select who have an angelic history. Taking away their rights is like “civic death” which is just suspending their rights only because of the mistakes they’ve made in a short period of time. All of the change that this country has made yet we seem to be belittling the people who live in
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