People Should Not Be Held Accountable In Life Essay

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In life we have to make decisions that could result in someone's life ending. When people are put in these situations I think that they should not be held accountable for their actions.The decisions that they make could be affected by if they are held accountable or not.
I think that people should not be held accountable for their actions in life or death situations. I think that because in the story “The seventh Man” Paragraph 22 page 136 it states “K saw me walking down the road and come outside” also “Without a word he came along with me. He had a little white dog that followed after us” K followed him down there it was not the seventh man's choice for him to go down there with him.K followed the author down to the beach. It was not that author's choice that K
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Another example why you should be held accountable is from the book “The most dangerous game” Page 49 Paragraph 46. It says that “a gigantic creature, solidly made and black-bearded to the waist. In his hand the man held a long-barreled revolver, and he was pointing it straight at Rainsford’s heart.” In this situation i think that the guy holding the gun is doing nothing wrong. I think this because they don't get a lot of visitors out there and he didn't know that Rainsford was no harm to them. Another situation where you should not be held accountable is also in the story “the most dangerous game” Page 49 Paragraph 142 It says “And now,” said the general, “I want to show you my new collection of heads. Will you come with me to the library?’’ General zaroff was going to show Rainsford his collection of human heads. Later on in the story Rainsford kills general zaroff. I think that Rainsford should not be held accountable because if he didn't kill faroff, Zaroff would have killed him. Rainsford aso saved all the other people's lives that Zaroff had captured and was planning to hunt and
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