People Too Dependent On Technology Essay

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People have become overly dependent on technology and communication between each other is getting lower and lower. Technology has been a megger point in our growth as a society by this point can destroy some of the required sources from the past. For example how to complete simple addition and subtraction at a certain age without looking at the calculator on your phone, or sitting at the table with your family eating and trying to start a conversation instead of having your face stuffed in a phone. These all start to start with questions of why people are dependent on technology, what has caused this, and also what issue this will leave for the next generation.
One reason why people are too dependent on technology is that it puts a strain on the communication skills of people and the thought of talking on the phone or talking to a person in class or at work is no longer your first instinct. Gloria Kopp From Studydemc says: Another element that bothers people is that the art of conversation could die, as so much communication
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Also causing teens and older adults to forget easy mathematics or other subjects without their heads shoved in a phone. Technology can be both and blessing or a curse to society, it can help us travel and research space and connect people from all over the world. Sadly, the internet can cause bad trend which can lead to cyberbullying or public shaming. What people need to do is balance the amount of time you spend on technology around. For example, leave your phone in your room when your guardian says "Its family time" or "Its time for dinner ¨. Also, spend time studying so you memorize the basics so you don´t need a calculator and that can help you figure out the harder problems too. These are ways you can manage your time on your technology but also keep the human side of you
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