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Poisonous Ideas Often people underestimate the power of words. People use words every day, commonly throwing them around without intentions. However, when attempting to change someone's opinion or insult them, words convey meaning. Words can not physically hurt anyone, but they ingrain themselves in thoughts and emotions. In Othello by William Shakespeare, Iago uses his words to manipulate people based on their vulnerabilities. Throughout the play, Shakespeare uses poison, herbs, and medicine to depict how words affect a person and bring out their inner flaws or desires. Poisons reflect how all of the characters actions, reputations, and affections are governed by what they have heard, or what is said about them, not their own opinions. Words…show more content…
Even though Desdemona is always loyal, Othello's view of her is corrupted by the rumors Iago spreads. Othello’s perception of his wife becomes so twisted that he kills her. Othello responds to Iago’s theory announcing “[Desdemona’s] name, that was as fresh //As Dian’s visage, is now begrimed and black//As mine own face” (). Because he said this, Iago knows he has convinced Othello of his lies and says “Work on,// My medicine, work! Thus credulous fools are // Caught”(). Iago uses words as his device to manipulate Desdemona’s reputation, to a point that her loyal husband no longer wants to look at her. Previously Iago hints his actions will alter the appearance of reality. He says “our//wills are gardeners” (3.3.440), and then tells…show more content…
Iago uses words to carry out his plan by undermining Othello’s confidence and his wife’s reputation. His poison was the lies he spread and convinced Othello of. Brabantio blames his daughter’s romance on drugs and medicines, which turned out to be Othello’s stories. Overall, each character underestimated how words would affect their emotions and judgment. Othello and Iago are both driven mad with self-doubt and jealousy all because of rumors, and soon enough that spread from them to their loved ones. Instead of throwing words around, they should be used as if they are weapons. Words can be both dangerous and compassionate, how they are used will determine the

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