People With Disbility And Social Disability

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The term disabled is given to the people that are incapacitated by illness, injury, physically or mentally impaired in a way that substantially limits activity especially in relation to employment and education. People with disabilities face social exclusion among all countries in our globe. Nine out of 10 people in Britain have never had a disabled person in their house for a social occasion, claims a survey from a disability charity. This causes the mental health of disabled people to diminish. Scope says the survey shows that disabled people are socially excluded. The main reason that make people with disabilities socially excluded is that the nature of people around them is not open minded enough to socially include people with disabilities…show more content…
• 90% of respondents do not have their need for access to services met. • 90% do not have their need to feel valued and to belong met. • 91% of surveyed respondents do not have their need for social contact and support met. • The single biggest improvement required to increase social inclusion of people with a disability is the attitudes of others in their community (39%). Other improvements include health (28%), physical access (26%), money (25%) and transport…show more content…
As they find no job opportunities and no source of income which lead to a worse mental health situation. This will cause the disabled people to run away from others and to avoid any contact with any one curios about his case as he will start asking him questions that would make him feel even odder than the rest of the people. According to the website Most of the physically handicapped people are feared by the common man. He tries to avoid a handicapped person because of the fear that by associating with him, he may himself acquire the defect. Physical handicap is often identified with the disease that may have caused crippling and people are panicky about catching the infection. The more severe and visible the deformity, the greater is the fear of contagion. One more result of this social exclusion is the Attitude of society towards Person with Disability according to Murphy (1990), disability as a ‘disease of social relation’ and social relations between disabled and the able bodied are tense and problematic. And this situation is known to every person with disabilities. They face a lot of questions from others out of curiosity and unable to answer that. They are facing social hurdles in the form of prejudice, discrimination and avoidance. They become object of pity while they are in a group. They are

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