People With Mental Illness In Amy Bloom's 'Silver Water'

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Most people in this world don’t even realize that they treat them different. .In Amy Bloom’s “Silver Water”, She demonstrates the idea that people with mental illness are treated and looked at different by most normal people; Once Rose was diagnosed with her mental illness her family acted different to her as she wasn't too many doctors who wouldn't help her with this illness.
In the beginning of the “Silver Water” the family learn that Rose has a mental illness and her parents have to make a decision to do with her. Her father who is a psychiatrist didn't want to sent her away where because he thought there was nothing wrong with but her mother see that there is something wrong with Rose. Rose’s parents get in the huge argument about what is happening to Rose but her father is in full denial “What is that your professional Opinion?...I'm sorry I didn't mean to snap on you…have you talked to her”(1). With Rose’s father being in denial it is causing him to treat her different. With him being a psychiatrist he probably see how people with mental illness are treated on a daily. He would know how …show more content…

Walker as there therapist they ended up finding Dr. Thore as there new therapist. Dr. Thore was the best therapist that Rose ever had he would interact with her and treat the right way that other therapist wouldn't. Rose would call Thore names and Thore would do the same to Rose that he reacinzer her “O frabjous day it’s Big nut ...there little nut you have to understand how big a man would have yo be to call my sister little”(2). Thore knew how to treat to someone who has a mental Illness. He would notice them and not ignore them. Thore knew that if he ignore Rose nothing he would do will help her because she just seek for attention from him. He talked to her to make her feel like a normal person. Thore still have to treated her different then a normal person but he has to because the treatment that he was doing wouldn't work on a normal

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