People's Rights During The Enlightenment

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During the Enlightenment, it was a time of change and when philosophers expressed their ideas to discover new ways to understand and improve the society they are in. Many of the beliefs expressed by philosophers affected the government, religion, and the people´s rights in the society. The philosophers Locke, Voltaire, Smith, and Wollstonecraft stress the importance of the people´s rights in the society. The new ideas proposed by the philosophers wanted to see how it would affect the people in the society and how other things in the society affect the people . These specific philosophers believed that people should have individualism and be able to take control of the things that was part of their life. The philosophers specify if the people in the society have the right to take control of important aspects of their lives, like the government, will make the society a better place. John Locke was a philosopher that acknowledged the ability of the people of the society to take control of the government like a democracy. He also says that people have the right to be able to leave a government that is doomed to fail…show more content…
She informs the readers that many women in the society do not have a voice, it makes them not ranked and made inferior by ignorance and low desires. In A Vindication of the Rights of Women, by Mary Wollstonecraft, stresses the importance of the rights of women and be free from their restraints. Wollstonecraft writes, “Make them free, and they will quickly become wise and virtuous”(Wollstonecraft,1792) Wollstonecraft describes the outcome of making women independent and free will make them wise and moral, enabling them to be able to provide for themselves. Women being granted the equality of all sexes will make them more moral and become educated to enable them to make their own decisions in their life and have
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