Disadvantages Of Critical Race Theory

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The Critical Race Theory’s framework is a tool to assess how structural inequalities and social institutions produce an oppressive and discriminatory environment for minorities in America (Salas et al, 2010). The Theory’s use of critical thinking helps Social Workers understand and identify the target problem, and to examine how people’s history and culture have influenced, or been influenced by, past and current policies that create inequality in America (Suet et al, 2007). It also encourages Social workers to be aware of their distinct privileges, disadvantages, beliefs, values, biases, and stereotypes that they hold, so they can understand how this affects the work that they do with their clients. It is essential to apply all this knowledge…show more content…
Individuals’ identities also include gender, social class, sexual orientation, SES, disability, citizenship/immigration status, etc. Therefore, all social identities interact and influence each other, even though each identity has its own history, disadvantages, and privileges. The intersectionality of all of these social categorizations can create an overlapping and interdependent system of discrimination, disadvantages, and social oppression. Moreover, according to Viruell-Fuentes (2012), discrimination has a positive correlation with poor physical and mental health among immigrants. For many immigrants, English can be a barrier to healthcare access, and might build miscommunication between the patient and the provider, which can lead to a misdiagnosis (Furman et al, 2009). Additionally, undocumented immigrants often fear the risk of deportation if they seek assistance from public…show more content…
This will help me build a stronger therapeutic alliance and provide better emotional and political support. At the same time, identifying and understanding how the web of institutional racism affects our clients is an important step toward confronting racism (Miller, 2017). The web of institutionalized racism also helps Social Workers understand the challenges and obstacles that people of color face when they seek access to a better education, job opportunities, housing, and other vital necessities. It also helps us understand why we continue to see more poverty among minorities and the erosive nature of the criminal justice system. In addition, the media’s harmful narratives about minorities also contribute to the barriers and the lack of opportunities that people of color face, preventing them from succeeding in American society. Social Workers also must be aware of potential transference and countertransference to prevent microaggressions towards our clients (Sue et al, 2007). It is also important to not be colorblind and to not minimize our client’s experiences with racism and validate their feelings. Additionally, it is important to be aware of the difference between minorities groups, such as Latinos. Latinos are very diverse and come from different ethnic backgrounds. Therefore, they have different culture, beliefs, and values.
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