Peplau Theory In Nursing

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be confused as collecting data is continuous through the Peplau’s phases. Once the orientation phase has been accomplished, the relationship is ready to enter the next working phase.

2.2 Working phase
The working phase focuses on patient’s reactions to illness and the work to be done by patients towards their development of understanding themselves and toward learning what their current health condition requires of them. Working phase encompasses the characteristics or processes involved in the original identification and exploitation phases. The dimension working phase encompasses two dimensions, the identification sub-phase and the exploitation sub-phase (Fawcett, 2005).
In this phase the major work occurs. In identification sub-phase the patient learns how to make use of the nurse-patient relationship. During the identification sub-phase, Peplau (1952) explained that the nurse and the patient come to know and to respect one another as persons who have like and different opinions about the ways of looking at a situation and in responding to events. Peplau (1952) also added that the nurse uses professional education and skill to aid the patient to make full use of the relationship,
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Enhancement of interpersonal relations through the use of this theory can enhance a person’s quality of life and Peplau also hoped that through this work, nurses would change how they interacted with their patients (Forchuk, 1993). Today I’m going to utilize Peplau’s theory to be the vehicle for delivering the nursing care to the patient under my care. Peplau believed that if nurses pay attention to what they feel during a relationship with a patient, they can gain invaluable observations of feelings a patient is experiencing, even those the patient has not yet recognized or spoken about (Austin & Boyd,

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