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Peplau created a theory for interpersonal relationship between the nursing and the patient. This theory explains that the nurse and the patient come into their encounter as strangers who both have preconceived ideas, beliefs, values, experiences that shape their interaction. The nurse should evaluate his/her feeling, emotions, behaviors and thoughts prior to and after his/her interaction with the patient. This will encourage an environment that is free of judgement and allows for a healing (Lutzen, 2015). When I first started taking care of patients from the Middle East right after 911, I really had to evaluate how I cared for these patients. My husband was on active duty in the army and we knew several soldiers who had lost their lives in the conflict. Peplau broke her theory into four phases of nurse-patient relationship to identify how this…show more content…
At the end of the ED treatment, I explain the discharge instructions using this opportunity to teach the mother not only about the current situation but also suggest basic pediatric advice. 3. Termination Phase- In this last phase, the relationship comes to an end. The needs have been met. As the nurse lets go, the patient learns to be more autonomous. At the end of my discharge, I ask the mom if she has any further questions or concerns. If the answer is no, I finish by restating my name, highlighting the ED phone number on the paperwork and share my remaining shift hours so that she may call if she has any question. We then say good bye. As you might see from my example, Peplau’s theory is used regularly in the nursing care and interactions that we have with our patients. I believe that if you build a trusting nurse-patient relationship from the start, the care the patient receives has the best opportunity to be optimal. Without realizing it, I have been following Peplau’s

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