Pepper Spray Holster Research Paper

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WildFire 18% OC Pepper Spray Leather Holster Model

Weapons that are used by law enforcement authorities have certain safety features to avoid inflicting accidental discharge and self-injuries. The same thing goes for pepper sprays that are appropriate for civilian use. Two of the most important items that a hot pepper spray should have to fully maximize the purpose of your self-defense tool are the flip-top actuator and pepper spray leather holster. Both should not be left out as they are considered vital safety features of your device, and they promote efficiency in drawing your pepper spray the moment you need it when something bad happens.

Importance of Having a Holster for Your High-Grade Pepper Spray

Equipping yourself with hot pepper
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The holster can last long too against wear and tear because of its material. What’s more about this accessory is that, it is suitable for both men and women; and depending on your preference, you can order the pepper spray holsters in black, blue, pink, and red. If you are the stylish type who want anything that is chic or trendy, you can select a range of fashion pepper sprays with cheetah, leopard, and multicolored rhinestone leatherette holsters. The WildFire Leatherette Holster Pepper Spray device can be an attractive accessory that you can take anywhere because of the colors, design or style of holster that you can choose from. Because of its aesthetics and size, it cannot be easily recognized as a self-defense tool. Additionally, WildFire Pepper Sprays have safety locks, so you have peace of mind knowing that your self-protection tool can just be activated during emergency…show more content…
Yet, the world’s hottest pepper is rated at around 1,600,000–200,000 SHUs, so tasting a hot sauce hotter than pepper spray is unlikely. Once someone gets a shot of pepper spray, the pain would lasts up to 45 minutes. This is a non-lethal weapon that could be your best defense tactic especially if you are carrying some valuable items with you or if you are a woman whose strength is undeniably less superior than men. With the concentration that a pepper spray has, utilizing a holster is one of the safety measures that you can do to prevent any accidental

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