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WildFire 18% OC Liquid Hot Pepper Spray Keychain

A mainstream tool that is used by some law enforcement officers is the pepper spray, and it became widely used by the public too to protect themselves against sudden attacks by dangerous human and animal attackers. There are a variety of pepper spray types that self-defense manufacturers nowadays are revolutionizing, and one of the highly effective form that has more OC content than the typical pepper sprays is the liquid hot pepper spray. Using this self-defense tool allows you to smoothly exit from your pained attacker without applying anything violent or having yourself harmed.

Introducing the Hottest and Fastest Reacting Pepper Spray

How hot is pepper spray? Pepper spray, which is formally known as Oleoresin Capsicum or OC Spray, ends up in Scoville chart because of the amount of Oleoresin Capsicum content that is found in it. Oleoresin
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And because of its dimension, it allows you with easy access once a criminal draws his weapon and comes near to attack you. The model has only one available color, which is black, and its hue and portability is already good enough as it cannot be easily noticed by criminals and they would not think that you are carrying a self-defense weapon with you especially if you are in dim areas.

There are several factors in choosing a guaranteed effective pepper spray. The factors include the OC percentage, SHU rating, distance, strength, number of shots, size and type, safety feature, and price. It is clear enough that the liquid hot pepper spray discussed in this review encompasses the qualities of other typical types of pepper spray that you can find in the market, and you can only obtain this weapon from the specialists of self-defense tools, surveillance equipment, and other related products featured on this

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