Pepsi By Nickole Brown

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The poem “Pepsi” by Nickole Brown, explains how Brown’s comparing different things to soda. Early on in the poem she makes a comparison of different types of fish like a catfish, bass, and trout. She uses numerous metaphors to tie in the different comparisons. In this poem we learn about her Fanny was lost and went into a coma. When she got out of the a coma she became the Fanny that everyone knows who is sassy towards her loved ones. We also see that she has a fresh pepsi this time after she got out of a come rather than drinking a flat pepsi as she normally does. Also in this poem Brown compares people to RC, Coke, and Pepsi. One literary device used in this poem is onomatopoeia. Onomatopoeia is the formation a word makes from a sound.…show more content…
I pay more attention because it gives the sentence more of an edge and makes you think about the fizz happening. Without the word fizz in the sentence it seems boring but the fizz gives it that extra addition the sentence needs. The use of repetition in this poem helps me concentrate more. Repeating the word “because it” emphasis the sentence more because the author wants you to understand the meaning more. She wants you to go deeper than what the sentence really means and she does that by repeating and it helps me understand what the author wrote better. Repeating words or phrases sticks with you making it that much easier to understand what the author is trying to portray. I cannot relate to Brown’s poem because first I do not drink soda and nor have i made a comparison of different types of sodas to different people. A question I would ask Brown would be to clarify the difference of the fresh pepsi to the flat pepsi. It is a little confusing and if she thoroughly explained it, it would make more sense. The writing was fine it was not something that really lured you in like her other poem, for example, “For Our Grandmothers”. That poem you could easily connect to, with this poem i did not feel that connection. The poem “Pepsi by Nickole Brown was a poem that related to her more than anyone. Simply because it was exactly what her grandmother did. In this poem she compares many different things like the different fishes and
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