Compare And Contrast Coca Cola Vs Pepsico

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Pepsi vs Coca-Cola: Two Competing Organizations Onamade Bolaji University Of Texas of the Permian Basin Pepsi vs Coca-Cola: Two Competing Organizations Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are the age-old competitors in the market for almost a hundred years. These companies provide comparable products, so an incredible amount of efforts and marketing techniques was used to increase the number of fans of both drinks. The foundation of these brands started with setting of a goal to invent a medicine. Initially, it was Coca-Cola. Twelve years later, the apothecary from New Bern, Caleb Bradham, has created a tonic that was called Brad’s Drink, which eventually turned into Pepsi (NC DNCR, 2016). It has been the first of many similarities between those corporations. By the beginning of the 20th century, both brands gained incredible popularity. By the end of the 20th century, Coca-Cola was much ahead of all its competitors and was the top carbonated drink. The company would have been the most successful one till nowadays. Nonetheless, during the Great Depression,…show more content…
Despite this fact, there is a difference between them. Depending on the flavor preferences of people, after all, Cola-Cola tastes a little sweeter than Pepsi. As for the management, Coca-Cola still does it better, since, firstly, there is a clear line management within the company; the employees at all levels work on certain segments of work and tasks and are not distracted by the other. In PepsiCo, employees from different departments can intersect and change places. As for advertising, the Coca-Cola invariably associates its product with the holidays, as well as with loud parties. While Pepsi positions describe its drink as the one chosen by athletes and world celebrities. It can be lost, since not everyone is interested in sports or cinema, but every person in the world has a
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