Pepsi Swot Analysis Essay

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 It frees CEO to handle corporate strategy issues  Takes advantages of economies of local opertions  Improves functional coordination within target market  Puts clear profit/loss accountability on shoulders of business-unit managers Weaknesses  There exist an ambiguity between what decisions to centralize and what decisions to decentralize  It may leads to costly duplication of staff functions at corporate and business-unit levels,thus raising administrative overhead costs OPPORTUNITIES  Service delivery on-site  Minimum efficient scale in functions or outsourcing  Geographical market segments needed  Low value-to-transport cost ratio THREATS  Can results in duplication of staff services at headquarters and district levels,creating cost disadvantages  Adds another layer of management to run geographical units  Greater difficulty in maintaining consistent company image/reputation from area when area manger exercise strategic freedom. ACQUISITION AND DIVERSIFICATION …show more content…
In addition to the production and sales of several worldwide Pepsi-Cola, Quaker Foods, and Frito-Lay beverage and food product lines (including Pepsi and Doritos), this segment of PepsiCo's business markets regional brands such as Mirinda, Kurkure, and Red Rock Deli, among others. COMPETITION  PepsiCo’s major competitor were Coca-Cola Company so they are considered to be primary competitors in the beverage market,and in the year 2005,for the first time PepsiCo has surpassed the Coco-Cola Company in the market value ,since both companies began to compete in 2009.Due to the acquisition,merger and partnerships pursuded by PepsiCo its business has shifted to include a broader product base,includingfoods,snacks,and beverages.  Kraft Foods are one of the primary cpmpetitors in the snack food market.Other competitors for Soda are  RC COLA  COLA TURKA  KOLA

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