Pepsico Case Study

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INTRODUCTION ABOUT PEPSICO • Pepsi is more than 100 year old brand and controlled the world market for a long time. • PepsiCo is an multinational food and beverages company • In 1931, the great depression badly affected the company, which resulted in bankruptcy. • In 1902, Caleb registered PepsiCo as a trademark in the patent office of U.S. • PepsiCo brand is available in almost 200 countries. • Headquarters of PepsiCo is located in Purchase, New York and in India headquarters is at Gurgaon. • PepsiCo has 37 bottling plants in India, out of which 16 is owned by company and 21 are owned by franchisee. • “To be the world’s best beverage company” is the vision of the company where best means providing outstanding quality, service, and value so that every customer is satisfied. • Coca cola is the strongest competitor of PepsiCo. • PepsiCo produces 18 different products such as Pepsi, 7up, lays, mountain dew etc., which generate more than $1.2 billion each in annual retail sales. • PepsiCo has more than 185,000 employees across the world. INTRODUCTION TO PEPSI • PEPSI is a world renowned brand and carbonated soft drink, which is produced or manufactured by PEPSICO. • Pepsi was first introduced as a brad’s drink in New Bern, California in 1898. • In the 1890’s pharmacist ‘Caleb Bradham’ invented PEPSI. • Pepsi is 2nd largest producer of soft drinks in the world. • Youngster have grown up with Pepsi over the generations. • Pepsi has changed its logo from time to time. •

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