Pepsico Case Study Model

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Danielle Walker, an American female is the president and CEO of Training Management Corporation (TMC). Founded in 1985, the company was built to deliver practical consulting and solutions that meet and have the ability to turn multicultural business environment to be able to overcome operational challenges. TMCorp help companies worldwide distinguish similarities and differences in its work environment and help to maximize performance to reduce risk, with this done, innovations then can be enhanced with the most effective way. The company headquarters is situated in United States, regional offices in Singapore to serve Asia-Pacific and in Belgium to serve Europe, Middle East and Africa. Even with the constant growth of TMCorp, the company…show more content…
Founded in 1965, the company is standing strong till now and it too consist of brands that are over 100 years old. With merger and acquisition of other companies, the company brands under it such as Frito-Lay, Tropicana, Gatorade and Quaker Oats. Ever since, the company has a staggering average retail sales amount of about $92 billion (USD). Being a premier producer and to supply convenient foods to the customers has always been the core focus of the company and because so, PepsiCo International always strive to thrive in its very own…show more content…
PepsiCo International seeks for employees that are passionate with their work together with an energetic workforce. For this to happen, TMC has came out with their own modified simplified John Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model, it’s a four step process known as the Culture Change Roadmap.The change started in 2004 and with this, it has successfully guided PepsiCo International throughout. Ever since the implementation of the Culture Change Roadmap, PepsiCo International has shown significant improvement. It has first of successfully created an awareness of understand diversity and inclusion especially among the senior leaders. Based on the research proven by TMCorp, employees in PepsiCo International has shown a major growth in terms of inclusiveness of other staff members. Such improvement can be seen based on behaviour changes. On top of that, the company has now more women taking roles in being the executive leaders. This shows major improvement in change in such short

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