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Many companies produce annual sustainability reports in order to showcase the company's efforts, and reflect on how to improve or what needs to be changed. PepsiCo is a company with a complementary food and beverage portfolio that includes Frito-Lay, Gatorade, Pepsi-Cola, Quaker, Tropicana and a wide range of other foods and beverages, providing many choices for consumers. Managing such a wide portfolio of food brands and products requires a large amount of resources to produce and manufacture the products to a large number of consumers.

PepsiCo sustainability report from 2013 indicates that the company is serious on embracing changes and development of healthier food options as this trend continues where consumers would prefer healthy
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25). Big corporations, especially food and beverage companies are faced with the challenges of "water scarcity, uncertainty in global resources and impacts on the agricultural system due to climate change, such as extreme weather along with input cost increases, price in energy and food commodities, saturation of landfills and cost increases in packaging materials" (PEP_2013 p. 25). PepsiCo's Resource Conservation (ReCon) program is designed to analyze and deliver efficiencies in energy, water and waste. The program applies global practices; identify water, GHG and solid waste reduction opportunities; and implement techniques on a global scale (PEP_2013 p. 26). PepsiCo's Alvalle brand of gazpachos and cold soups was able to achieved significant reductions in overall energy and water use in 2013 after using…show more content…
"The company has contributed a total of $4 million to support programs from the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation (HWCF); an organization that brings together a network of more than 255 retailers, food and beverage manufacturers, restaurants, sporting goods and insurance companies and trade associations to help reduce obesity" (PEP_2013 p. 12). Reducing the amount of saturated fats, added sugar and sodium in its products is part of PepsiCo's goals for improving human sustainability.

I believe PepsiCo's sustainability report is accurate and genuine. The website Ethical Performance wrote an article on PepsiCo's sustainability report for 2013. The article mentions some of PepsiCo's achievements that match what was mention in the report. Some of the highlights mention like "in 2013, PepsiCo’s Resource Conservation initiatives at 80 facilities globally identified approximately $15m in savings; 14bn litres of water were saved through operational efficiency programmes in 2013; and landfill elimination efforts avoided $3m in landfill costs" (Ethical

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