Pepsico Swot Analysis Essay

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Strategy is an integral part in any organizational in nowadays or even in the long past time. However, strategy plays a very important role in today’s competitive business environment. From other corner, strategy is a set of decisions that have been selected and agreed upon in order to achieve goals or find solution. However, strategy can be changed at any point of time if it does not meet the goals that it has been set for. In this respect, I am going to highlight all the applications of the strategy in the selected organisation and its competitors as well. Moreover, in this paper, the central theme of discussion encompasses around the strategy and its application in organization. To be exact, in this paper I have selected an
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SWOT of Pepsi:

 Strengths:
- PepsiCo and its products have more demands in the market than the competitors.
- The reputation and the established name of the company are very strong in the market.
- PepsiCo has more brand loyalty of the customers as most of its consumers are from the young generation who have actually more loyalty to the brands.
- The price offer by PepsiCo is satisfied its customers.
- PepsiCo name is very strong internationally and of course in the internal market.
- PepsiCo has excellent work environment and very good opportunity for attractive more consumers.
- As PepsiCo believe that advertising is very high importance topic, it has budgeted sufficient amount for advertising.
- The distribution channel is available very vastly.
- Motivation and Innovation for its employees.
- Very strong name and brand in the market.

 Weaknesses:
- Retailers dealing with PepsiCo do not get any discount or incentive.
- Promotions always targeting the young generation.
- Some package like tin pack (Cans) is not strongly available in some areas like rural

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