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Pepsodent complete-8: Pepsodent complete-8 has the complete oral care essentials present in it including Cavity protection, Strengthens enamel, Whitening, Fresh breadth, Reinforces gums, 18-hour anti-plaque effect, Anti tartar, Anti bacteria that will give total protection to the teeth and gums it is segmented on the basis of socio-demographic category which is also focusing on geographical irregularity. It has inorganic oral care essentials, so this product is based on consumer’s insight (demand which can’t be seen). Targeted market for Pepsodent complete-8 is demographics which include the consumers of upper to lower middle class, age, income, education, benefit sought and, personality in psychographic segmentation. In Pakistan, people…show more content…
Unfortunately as per the retailers information competitors brands are more demand brand thus the product availability is also a question mark. Individual Personality Variants: Application of psychoanalytic theory on Pepsodent A Psychoanalytic theory is a theory which has three main human personalities, and they are Id, Ego, and Super ego. Brand introduces their products by keeping the mind of the customers in order to satisfy their needs to the highest possible level. Pepsodent has also work on these human personalities for the sake of introducing Pepsodent for dissimilar people around the world. Pepsodent as a complete brand has a highest ratio of ego, which means they live in the reality and working in real crisis of oral care this means it works on the reason, followed by id, and the next one is ratio of id, which means it does not affect everyday reality, and then followed by super ego which adds ethical behavior in using Pepsodent, also it tells the customers that using oral care product is right act to do. Pepsodent Germi-check: The product has the highest ratio of ego because it works on believe or a reason, it functions according to the reality, working out on a realistic ways to satisfy the demands of the consumers, followed by the id and then super…show more content…
PEPSODENT COMPLETE 8 1. The instrumental value for Pepsodent Complete 8 is responsible because it give 8 benefits to take care of Cavity protection, Strengthens enamel, Whitening, Fresh breadth, Reinforces gums, 18-hour anti plaque effect, Anti tartar and Anti bacteria. Motivation and Needs (what makes consumer buy): As our product is Pepsodent and it lies under the category of medicated tooth paste, these tooth paste helps us to prevent from teeth problems and helps to get health teeth. Pepsodent provides us health and safety. Safety and health needs are all those needs which help us to lead a better and healthy life. Pepsodent thus also create information needs creating awareness for fighting against oral diseases at any age and providing with healthy teeth given its active ingredients like Triclosan. Followed by the varied (need variety) of range that Pepsodent offers to its consumers. The need of variety extends product line and gives consumer more choice alternative (customized to needs). Another important aspect in consumer behavior is to understand the charms of a winning smile and how marketers often trigger the need for Social image by celebrity endorsement Pepsodent created brand association with the star ‘Shahrukh Khan,’ whose portfolio itself is of a person who plays well in all characters of

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