Peptic Ulcer Research Paper

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INTRODUCTION Peptic ulcers are also known as “ulcus pepticum”. An ulcer is defined as a non malignant mucosal lesion of the stomach. It occurs due to exposure of stomach and duodenum to pepsin and gastric acid. Peptic ulcer is due to imbalance occurs between aggressive factors like acid, pepsin, H. pylori and defensive factors such as gastric mucus, nitric oxide and growth factors bicarbonate ions and prostaglandins, mucosal blood1. Local mechanisms implicated in mucosal defence are mucus-bicarbonate secretion, mucosal hydrophobicity, rapid epithelial cell restitution and rich mucosal blood flow2. Peptic ulcer disease (PUD) encompassing gastric and duodenal ulcers. It is the most prevalent gastro intestinal disorder and has been a major threat to the world’s population over the past 2 centuries, with a high morbidity and substantial mortality3. Some psychological conditions like anxiety, stress, surgical shock, burns, trauma, free radicals, oxidants, physical, chemical factors also stimulate gastric acid secretion and leads to ulcer4. Prostaglandins E2 and I2 are the predominant prostaglandins synthesized by the gastric mucosa and are known to inhibit the secretion of gastric acid and stimulate the secretion of mucus and bicarbonate5. Peptic ulcer diseases comprise heterogeneous disorder which manifests as a break in the…show more content…
The volume in the test tube was adjusted to 0.1 ml with appropriate buffer. Five milliliters of protein reagent was added to the test tube and the contents were mixed either by inversion or vortexing. The absorbance at 595 nm was measured after 2 min and before 1 hr in 3 ml cuvettes against a reagent blank prepared from 0.1 ml of the appropriate buffer and 5 ml of protein reagent. The weight of protein was plotted against the corresponding absorbance resulting in a standard curve used to determine the protein in unknown

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