Pequot Indian Massacre Essay

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The English had ended up burning 5 or 6 villages and destroying many cornfields. The mens next mission was to find the murderers of John Stone. Endicott’s and Gardiner’s men sailed out to where the Pequot tribe was. The English ended up running into the Pequot and they attempted to negotiate with them. The negotiating didn’t work out and the English ended up burning the village and killing a Pequot. The Pequot were ready to retaliate. In retaliation for what the English did, the Pequot had laid siege to Saybrook Fort on September 1636-mid April 1637. The Pequot tribe had attacked soldiers and work parties who were farther away from the fort. They had also ended up destroying English cornfields and cattle, and burning down warehouses that were used to store goods. Early in September, the Pequot attacked again. They had attacked English soldiers who ventured two miles away from their block houses. Two Pequot indians had died. On April 23, 1637 a group of Pequot warriors attacked English settlers at Wethersfield. They had killed nine men, women, and captured 2 girls. During the first two weeks of May 1637, men had begun to gather soldiers and materials. They met at Saybrook Fort, and were joined by Massachusetts Bay soldiers who were lead by John Underhill. They had been joined by the Mohegan and Connecticut River…show more content…
Block Island. On August 1, 1637, Israel Stoughton had sailed out towards Block Island to seek satisfaction from the Manisses and pursue refugee bands of Pequot. They had ended up killing several Manisses and burning many wigwams before the tribe had surrendered to English authority. Finally the Hartford Treaty was ratified by the English, Narragonsett, and Mohegan on September 21,1638. The treaty said that living Pequots were ordered to disperse among the Narragonsett and Mohegan, also no longer be called the Pequot. Also they may no longer live in their former territory. This treaty had officially ended the
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