Perada Batik Case Study

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Perada Batik is a SME that produces and sells products in the form of batik cloth and batik clothes. 2 types of batik in general are produced batik tulis and batik cap. The selling price of the two products is different based on the materials used and the difficulty level of the process. Batik Tulis product is the highest selling product among others because every detail of the production process is done by human hand. Starting from the design of batik drawings by designers who work on Batik Perada, then design is in the picture on a cloth using a pencil. After that, the pattern of the image is thickened using canting that filled the night. Canting has many levels. The smaller the edge of canting, the more expensive the price of batik tulis.Proses next is coloring the pattern using canting, after all the cloth is dried in the sun to dry. The technique of drawing and coloring is done by human hands, which makes the price of batik is quite high. Batik cloth that was dry then in iron and folded ago ready for sale. Batik cloth can also be processed into clothing, depending on customer orders that will surely increase the nominal price of batik products. In addition to Batik Tulis, another product produced by Perada Batik is Batik Cap. The manufacturing process starts from drawing the design on the cloth, then the pattern that has been drawn ditebalkan by stamped with a patterned canting. Then the stamped fabrics are dyed and then dried in the sun. The technique of drawing,

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