Cusco, Peru

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The city of Cusco, Peru covers nearly 150 square miles in total; Lima, Peru is over six times that size. Many people wonder how they could be similar at all, and they are correct to wonder. The two most well-known Peruvian cities are different in innumerable ways. Cusco used to be the center of the Incan Empire and is filled with ancient ruins overflowing with history, while Lima’s parks and street art are beautiful examples of modern art and pull dozens of different cultures together. Lima and Cusco differ in an infinite number of ways, but both cities stand out especially when it comes to food, attractions, and city life.
Peruvians generally enjoy a variety of food with influences from across the world, but the food of both Cusco and Lima
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In Cusco, shopping areas such as the Pisac Market are full of alpaca fur hats, sweaters, and blankets as well as llama and alpaca-themed tee shirts. The bright colors from purses, blankets, and pouches could be seen from a mile away, and are very distinct to the area. Though they are especially for tourists, markets like this are a great place to visit and support local artists and farmers in the Cusco area. Because Lima is one of the biggest cities in South America, it is not surprising that Lima has a lot to offer shopping-wise. The Larcomar is a shopping center in the district of Miraflores, which is located on a cliff directly beside the Pacific Ocean. Its popularity brings tourists from all over Peru and beyond; it offers all of the different foods, clothes, and products that the citizens and visitors of Peru can enjoy. Most of these malls offer a variety of foods from ice cream bars to breakfast and dinner-themed crepes, as well as typical Peruvian restaurants and hamburger joints. Lima also offers markets similar to those in Cusco, with Inca figurines, blankets, and authentic paintings. Though Cusco does not offer malls at all like The Larcomar, one could be perfectly satisfied with the Incan markets of Lima if they did not want to visit…show more content…
The city of Cusco puts off vibes of serenity, peacefulness, and authenticity. Many people speak Quechua, an indigenous language prevalent in parts of Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador. It is difficult to find a street without an alpaca, lamb, or goat sitting on the sidewalk next to children offering pictures for a single sol. The entire city welcomes you with open arms, and it is truly impossible to find a rude person among the crowds. Meanwhile, Lima feels like the capital city of the world. Cars go a bit faster than the speed limit while skyscrapers defy gravity and extend far beyond the horizon. Lima’s artsy and romantic/bohemian areas seem as if they were pulled directly out of a book. The ocean and the art battle the chaos and rush of the city perfectly. Though either city would make a great addition to anyone’s travel bucket list, Lima offers a variety of experiences and cultures that one could not find anywhere
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