Short Essay On Introverted Person

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Life of an intuitive, feeling, and perceiving introvert
Last night, instead of going out to the cinema with my friends, I stayed at home and meditated. I was contemplating on life after death and the meaning of all this world, and of us, human beings. I took the Jung Typology test today and my suspicions were confirmed I am an INFP type of person. As in life, in business I am feeling and use my intuition, I might not be right all the time, but I learn through experimenting and find the right path in the end. Being an introverted and introspective person also gives me the ability to empower others and to help them discover and use their potential, I think that is the best quality I have when it comes to dealing with people.
I can get along with everyone because I can perceive how they feel and adjust to
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When it comes to difficulties, we often tend to make it very personal, I will try to see the situation like an outsider, in fact, it often seems more comical than serious if we manage to look at life as if someone who is watching it rather than living it.
Love before hate. I will only give up on a person when I have shown all my life and consideration to him and tried my best to make friends and I will not judge by first impressions.
Learn and learn more. If there is one thing I learned it is that there is always more to learn. Sometimes we might not get along at work, but if only we heard the stories of our lives that might make it so much easier to understand each other.
See strengths, not differences. I will always try to notice the positive things in others and to learn from the strengths they have rather than to abandon them because of the differences we have.
We all share this world for a very limited time, one lifetime in one endless vast universe, it is important to change everything that is negative into something that is positive and to be able to see beyond the surface and into the depth of someone's heart and mind. Why? I do not know, I
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